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Marketing Essentials

Services you should never go without.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, it's essential to have a strong online presence, and our services can help you achieve just that.

Through on-site blogs and off-site influencer marketing, we make your brand even more powerful.

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Blog Content

Blogs meticulously crafted to elevate your online presence to unprecedented heights.

Our blog service enables your brand to have a voice that says so much more than what's just on the page. Answering Google FAQs, accurate use of keywords, and integration of our Digital PR suite means your online presence can be taken to the next level and beyond.

Benefits of Blogging

Just because blogs don't get as many likes as Instagram, don't think they're any less powerful.

Here's why you need to incorporate blogging into your marketing strategy.

Connect with customers

Blogging is your opportunity to give customers deeper insight into your business using the voice you want to use. It's time to amplify your brand.

Boost Google presence

When people search questions on Google, featured snippets are often pulled from blogs. Contribute to your industry and feel the rewards.

Become the authority

Every time you publish a blog, you're one step closer to being an expert. Blog regularly, and people naturally start coming to you. The industry authority.

"To have a well-rounded business, you need a well-rounded presence"

Influencer Marketing

Connecting you with the people who are a scroll away from falling in love with your business.

Our influencer marketing service is for brands that want to reach into the world of social media and bring back customers. Not just this, but when you work with Modern Classic, all influencer assets become yours.

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Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Social media is a world of opportunity and conversation. It's time to make the most of it.

Reach new audiences

There's an entire audience waiting for you, and we know how to reach them. Through our influencer connections, you can activate them.

Boost your name

With much-loved influencers tagging you in their posts and creating content for you, their audiences can't help but see your name - and remember it.

Own beautiful assets

Our influencers agree that content created can be used commercially. That means you build a bank of beautiful assets for use across all platforms.

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