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Modern Classic Digital is the UK digital PR agency that supercharges your website's Google ranking and online presence.


Our industry-leading expert support is just a click away and we can't wait to hear from you.

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"I couldn't recommend Modern Classic more. They have a fantastic and refreshing approach to PR"

Matthew, Founder of Hegarty

Our Services

With years of experience and insight, we offer a comprehensive range of services that rival even the top agencies. We know how this industry works, so you're in safe hands. 

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Digital PR

Build valuable backlinks to your domain from third-party sites to improve your domain rating and Google ranking.


On-Site Content

Attract new customers, drive traffic, and boost online presence via on-site blogs that are written by professional copywriters.

About Us

At Modern Classic Digital, we fuse the art of digital PR with SEO to significantly improve organic online visibility. We go beyond the ordinary and consistently deliver outstanding results for our clients who are as ambitious as we are.


Our agency thrives on the belief that businesses deserve both quality and cost efficiency. With years of expertise in link building, media placements, and content writing, we've mastered the delicate balance of delivering premium results at the right value.

We take pride in our commitment to each client's success, treating their goals as our own. So, join us on our journey of innovation, growth, and evolution. Take your digital presence to the next level with safe hands.

Modern Classic Digital is the digital PR agency specialising in success.

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  • Why do I need Digital PR?
    The battle for ranking #1 on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) is essential in the modern world. Ranking first on Google provides so much more than just visibility. It shows you as a leader in your industry, and that customers can trust you. Building links and your online presence is a widely acknowledged and approved method of achieving this. Digital PR also aims to build your brand reputation and drive traffic to your site. Appearing in press is a huge boost for any brand and every single project we run is fine-tuned to exactly what you want to achieve. Simply put, Digital PR is for everyone, and everyone needs it.
  • What is White Hat SEO?
    White Hat SEO is an approved backlink tactic designed to improve the position of a website in the SERPs. In detail, this means we use organic methods of gaining you links so that Google sees you as a positive website that will be rewarded with SEO benefits. This means there’s no trickery, paying for links, or smoke and mirrors. SEO done fairly.
  • What is link building?
    Link building is simply creating a portfolio of links pointing to your website from another website. We do this through many methods including data-led campaigns, building landing pages, backlink health checks, and much more. The result of this is Google noticing you being talked about by other relevant and quality websites and rewarding you for it with positive SEO. It’s simple, but takes time.
  • What does Digital PR actually look like?
    All Digital PR is done on a bespoke basis. Depending on what your brand offers and what your goal is, Digital PR will look different every time. However, most commonly it looks like newsworthy ideas that hold widespread appeal to journalists across a range of industries and securing quality coverage with links. Get in touch and we can share examples of what we can do.
  • How do you measure it?
    Measuring Digital PR is easier than ever. When we begin collaborating, we create a record of your SEO metrics and use that as the foundation of our work. The tools we use are industry-leading and our reports are presented in a way that isn't confusing. We also promise a number of links across our campaigns that are suited to your goals and aims.

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