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Digital PR

It's time to level up, quite literally.

What we do

Digital PR is the cornerstone of our agency's expertise.
It is the art of leveraging online channels to earn your brand media coverage and backlinks, which improve your rank on Google. It's an essential part of modern marketing and should always be supported by on-site content strategies.

How we do it

We craft compelling narratives, secure media coverage, and foster meaningful relationships with industry leading publications. By strategically placing your brand in the digital spotlight, we drive traffic to your site, engage audiences, and build your online presence.

Our digital PR campaigns employ the unbreakable rule of quality over quantity to ensure that your message resonates with your target audience.

Why we do it

If we asked you, 'do you know what keyword brings the most traffic to your site?', could you answer that?

The bottom line is a lot of businesses don't know what they're ranking for; let alone how many people their specific organic keywords bring to their website.

Digital PR is a significant ranking factor on Google, and we want to get your business ranking for keywords that attract genuine business to your site whilst building a portfolio of online editorial coverage. 

The benefits of this are huge, which improve your monthly site traffic, and ultimately help you to run a more successful and profitable business.

"Modern Classic Digital exceeded my every expectation. Their results and client care was superb. I can't wait to activate our next campaign."

- Rachel Best, Founder at Oasis Interior Design

Endless Possibilities

Cost Effective

Affordable solutions to top-quality services and opportunities.

Personalised Content

Everything we do is tailored to your business, and done with care.

Exceptional Communications

The Modern Classic Digital standard. Transparent, honest, effective.

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