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On-site content to engage your audience and fuel your website.

With an AI-free guarantee.

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What we do

On-site content is sustenance for your website. 

That means we write content informed by a keyword strategy to empower your rank on Google and keep the competition at bay. On-site content is the unsung hero of quality SEO and essential with any digital PR activation.

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How we do it

First, we devise a keyword strategy. This informs everything we do to ensure that we are moving your brand in the right direction.

We then write a six-month strategy where we target all keywords and track your performance and rank. It's a hugely rewarding process that every brand needs to have as part of their marketing strategy.

Why we do it

It's one thing getting to #1 on Google, it's another thing holding it.

With on-site content, you are actively making your site strong enough to throw an anchor when you reach #1 and not let anyone knock you off.


We do this to make your brand and website even stronger. SEO is often a game of two steps forward and one step back. We're not keen on the 'one step back' bit, and on-site content helps this.

"I have been really impressed with Modern Classic. The work they did for me was of a very high standard and went the extra mile with additional SEO advice. I would highly recommend."

- Sally Sidani-Wilkinson, Owner of Re-Balance By Sally

Blogging Benefits

Just because blogs don't get as many likes as Instagram, don't think they're any less powerful.

Here's why you need to incorporate blogging into your marketing strategy.

Enhance keywords

Blogging is your opportunity to give customers richer insight into your industry - an invaluable and expected service to deliver.

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Boost Google presence

When people search questions on Google, featured snippets are pulled from blogs. Contribute to your industry and experience the rewards.

Become the authority

Every blog takes you one step closer to being the expert. Blog regularly, and people naturally start coming to you, the industry authority.

Endless Possibilities

Cost Effective

Affordable solutions to top-quality services and opportunities.

Personalised Content

Everything we do is tailored to your business, and done with care.

Exceptional Communications

The Modern Classic Digital standard. Transparent, honest, effective.

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