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Body, Soul and Skin: Digital PR

A month like no other for Body, Soul and Skin

Behind Body, Soul and Skin is health and wellness coach, Lisa Winn. With a passion for helping people to become more empowered and feel good, Lisa wanted to reach more people, grow her website, and improve her SEO. Rightly, she came to Modern Classic for digital PR support to get her into the best publications.

As a digital pr agency, Modern Classic knows exactly how to get clients into their dream media outlets, and we know how to do it in a way that also makes their website stronger. That means not only do our clients get amazing coverage, but they’re also improving their SEO at the same time which results in more traffic, more enquiries, and more authority. It’s a big win-win.


Lisa came to us wanting backlinks, and we can’t blame her. While many people think that getting a huge quantity of links is good, it’s actually not the case. Sure, getting links consistently and regularly is really important, but if they’re from rubbish websites then it’s not much use. We prefer to stick to a handful of quality links on a monthly basis.

This informed the publications that we chose to target and resulted in us setting our sites on both national and health and wellness publications. This was a really great mix of websites because national publications almost always have a really great domain rating (the metric that ranks the overall quality of a website), so that gives both exposure and SEO benefits. 

Meanwhile, the health and wellness publications are contextually relevant to what Body, Soul and Skin rank for, making the keyword overlap really strong. After all, getting links from sites that talk about the same things as you is crucial to improving your online authority and reputation. 


Now that we knew where we wanted to place content, we created a strategy to target the publications. This begins with analysing the stories that are already on our media list and making sure we generate ideas in line with them. This is a really important part of making our campaigns successful because we have to ask ourselves why a publication would want to publish what we send them. If the story is completely irrelevant to what they usually publish then we’ve wasted our time, the publication's time, and the client’s. We know better than to do that.

Armed with ideas and media angles, we created a bespoke media list and pitched it to every journalist individually. That’s right; no ‘spray and pray’ approach here. Journalists absolutely hate generic cold emails, and so do we. Plus, we believe that emails land in junk less when you send them manually.  

Needless to say, with such a tailored approach, we got a great response. YOGA Magazine and Wales Online were interested in our content straight away. All we had to do then was write them individually exclusive articles and wait for the results. 

But that’s not all. As Modern Classic always goes the extra mile, we set up alerts to keep our fingers on the pulse with media opportunities relevant to Body, Soul and Skin’s service. When a journalist at the Daily Express was working on a health and wellness story, we lept straight on it and locked it down. The result? An extra story in national media just by being proactive and taking pride in our work.


After a month of digital PR, Lisa was hugely pleased with what we achieved for her. Seeing satisfied customers is what makes our job so rewarding, but we know that if you’re reading this, you’re most interested in the numbers. Without further ado, here’s how the campaign looked:

  • 692k brand views

  • 3 links to the client's website

  • 3 pieces of editorial coverage

  • 1OO% positive sentiment

  • £256k advertising value

  • £O.OO1 per impression

  • 76 average domain rating

  • +3 domain rating

Like how these results look? Get in touch. It's time to get seen.

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