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Digital PR

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Digital PR is the beating heart of Modern Classic Digital.

With eight years of experience in the digital PR industry, you can work with us knowing that your brand is in safe hands. Let's supercharge your organic SEO.

Let's talk digital PR

What we do

Digital PR is the cornerstone of our agency's expertise. It is the art of leveraging online channels to earn your brand media coverage and backlinks, which improves your rank on Google.


It's an essential part of modern marketing and should always be supported by on-site content strategies.

How we do it

We craft compelling narratives, secure media coverage, and foster meaningful relationships with industry-leading publications. By strategically placing your brand in the digital spotlight, we drive traffic to your site, engage audiences, and build your online presence. 


Our digital PR campaigns employ the unbreakable rule of quality over quantity to ensure that your message resonates with your target audience.

Why we do it

Digital PR contributes to significant ranking factors on Google, and we want your business ranking for keywords that attract genuine business to your site whilst building a portfolio of online editorial coverage. 


The benefits of this are huge, which improve your monthly site traffic, and ultimately help you to grow and thrive online.

Digital PR Benefits

Digital PR is rapidly gaining momentum in the marketing industry as a growth solution that consistently and reliably delivers. Here's why you should waste no time in getting the ball rolling.

Enhance keywords

Chances are, you're already ranking for a few good keywords. The bad news is that you're in position 100. Digital PR changes that.

Google G.webp

Boost Google presence

When other websites provide backlinks to your site, Google sees this as an endorsement. As a result, you climb the organic results and find new customers.

Become the authority

As our partnership evolves, you will build a portfolio of quality media coverage that positions your brand as a thought-leader and a voice in the industry.

"I couldn't recommend Modern Classic more. They have a fantastic and refreshing approach to PR"

Matthew, Founder of Hegarty

Endless Possibilities

Cost Effective

Affordable solutions to top-quality services and opportunities.

Personalised Content

Everything we do is tailored to your business, and done with care.

Quality Communications

The Modern Classic Digital standard. Transparent, honest, effective.

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