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Hegarty: Digital PR

Elevating Hegarty: A Success Story in Luxury Branding and Digital PR

Hegarty, a distinguished luxury clothing brand based in London, approached our team at Modern Classic Digital, seeking a comprehensive strategy to enhance their brand visibility, target the right audience, and ultimately drive substantial growth. 

Here’s a bit more about our collaboration with Hegarty, highlighting the key objectives, strategies implemented, and remarkable outcomes achieved.


1. Attracting the Right Customer:

   - Understanding Hegarty's target audience and their preferences.

   - Crafting a tailored marketing approach to resonate with the luxury market.

2. Premium Placement in High-Quality Publications:

   - Securing exclusive placements for Hegarty in renowned and high-end publications.

   - Leveraging partnerships with influential media outlets to enhance brand exposure.

3. Dominating Google Rankings:

   - Implementing a robust SEO strategy to elevate Hegarty's visibility on Google.

   - Targeting high search volume keywords to ensure prime placement in search results.

4. Expert Guidance on Visitor Capitalisation:

   - Providing insightful recommendations on converting website visitors into customers.

   - Offering strategic advice on maximising the impact of Hegarty's online presence.

5. Driving Site Traffic:

   - Executing targeted digital marketing campaigns to drive qualified traffic.

   - Utilising a combination of organic and paid channels to amplify Hegarty's online reach.

6. Improving Domain Rating:

   - Employing advanced SEO techniques to enhance Hegarty's domain authority.

   - Implementing backlink strategies and technical optimisations to boost overall domain rating.

7. Securing High-Value Media Coverage:

   - Building relationships with key media influencers to secure extensive coverage.

   - Crafting compelling narratives and press releases to highlight Hegarty's unique offerings.

Strategies and Implementation:

- Conducted in-depth market research to understand Hegarty's audience and competition.

- Forged partnerships with prestigious publications, securing exclusive features and placements.

- Executed a comprehensive SEO strategy, optimising on-page and off-page elements to improve Google rankings.

- Provided ongoing guidance on website improvements, user experience, and conversion optimisation.

- Deployed targeted digital advertising campaigns across various platforms to drive traffic and engagement.

- Leveraged PR initiatives to secure media coverage, elevating Hegarty's brand presence in the luxury fashion space.


1. Achieved the number 1 ranking on Google across high search volume keywords.

2. Quadrupled Hegarty's original organic site traffic through targeted digital marketing efforts.

3. Significantly improved Hegarty's domain rating, enhancing overall online authority.

4. Secured over £1 million worth of media coverage, reinforcing Hegarty's position as a luxury brand.


Our collaboration with Hegarty stands as a testament to the power of strategic digital marketing and brand elevation. By targeting the right audience, optimising online visibility, and securing premium placements, we successfully propelled Hegarty to new heights in the competitive luxury fashion landscape. 

The quadrupling of site traffic, improved domain rating, and substantial media coverage all contribute to a resounding success story for Hegarty and a showcase of our expertise in luxury brand marketing.

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