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Howden Coffee: Influencer Marketing

Activating influencers for Howden Coffee

It’s no secret that we love coffee at Modern Classic. So, when we got the chance to work with Howden Coffee, we couldn’t wait to absolutely smash it for them.

Howden Coffee are coffee specialists from Yorkshire that make seriously good coffee. The trouble is, not enough people know about them. We wanted to change that.

A key element in doing this was showing Howden Coffee the power of influencers, and how they can take a brand from the shadows to the spotlight. With beautiful product-centric content and endorsement from real people, Howden Coffee was very keen to gift coffee to some very lucky influencers.


We needed to grow Howden Coffee and get some eyes on the brand. With so many coffee roasters and specialists in the UK, it’s an industry that makes getting attention really difficult. The key objective was to make an impression and introduce the brand to as many people as possible. We knew that people don’t buy a product immediately after seeing it for the first time, so the goal of this campaign was to drive awareness of both the product and the brand.

Our secondary objective was to beat the CPM of other digital advertising methods such as paid social media advertising or PPC. This presented a challenge that we were hugely excited about because we know just how powerful influencer marketing is. All we had to do was use our years of experience, know-how, and content standards to produce an amazing campaign.


Howden Coffee couldn’t wait to get started, and neither could we. Modern Classic shortlisted 30 influencers with a following of 3k - 15k for Howden Coffee to review and approve. This included a range of demographics, styles, and interests to avoid getting trapped in the same audience and keep our reach as high as possible. It’s important to say though that sometimes, getting trapped in the same audience isn’t a bad thing! When audiences see products repeatedly, their inclination to take action improves every time.

Once the influencers were approved, Modern Classic reached out to them independently and agreed on campaign terms. Each influencer would do a grid post, story post, and all of their content would be freely available for Howden Coffee to use for marketing purposes. This is really beneficial as Howden Coffee can use the content created to add to their online store (which makes a product page so much more interesting) or repost it to their own social media. Needless to say, we always advise our clients to give credit regardless; it’s important to support one another!

Howden Coffee dispatched the goods, the influencers created the content, and we gathered the insights to report back to the client. We love working with influencers, but it’s a time consuming process that we look after so that our clients can work on other elements of their business.

Once the campaigns were wrapped up, we put together the results and were over the moon with what we achieved.


Compiling the insights on a campaign is always an exciting moment. Seeing the numbers tally up and the cost per engagement drop is a fantastic feeling that lets us know that we’ve done a great job. It’s safe to say that Howden Coffee felt the same, and that is what we’re here to do. 

Across the space of a month, here’s what we were able to do with just three influencers and six bags of coffee: 

  • £O.48 Cost Per Engagement

  • 24k Combined Following of Influencers

  • 5.4k Total Reach

  • 5k Reel Plays

  • 783 Total Engagements

  • 3.2% Engagement Rate

  • 3 Influencers

  • 6 Posts


@amlyss_eats Such a great reel! Love it 😍 also adoreee iced coffee now that its finally warm and sunny 🤣

@themancuniancook Coffee, you now have my attention

@geniemidriff Although I don’t drink coffee that’s what I call REAL coffee beans.

@poshgirl_eats Coffee is life!! Love this ❤️☕️

@nicole___eats Looks lush 😍

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