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Oasis Interior Design: Digital PR

We knew we needed to make a splash for Oasis Interior Design. Here's what we did.

Showhome interior designers, Oasis Interior Design, came to Modern Classic Digital with a simple need: to get them featured in the press. Since 2007, Oasis have been successfully installing premium quality showhomes across the nation and generated a fantastic name within the industry for their expertise and services.

But aside from those directly working in the interior showhomes industry, not enough people knew about them. It was time for us to change that.

The Objective

Modern Classic Digital met with Oasis Interior Design to find out exactly what their vision for the future looked like. The publications they wanted to be featured in, what their presence in the media should say about them, and how they want to benefit from digital PR.

This resulted in the overall objective of getting a lot of eyes on their brand while building links and letting their voice be heard. 

So, we set to work on developing a strategy that would do exactly this and bring them the full benefits of working with Modern Classic Digital.

The Solution

In our first campaign, we went straight for the big guns; the UK national newspapers. We knew that these publications would get Oasis Interior Design thousands of brand views and that their brand would fit perfectly on the home and lifestyle newsdesks.

Needless to say, Oasis were over the moon for us to be kicking off our collaboration with such a huge publication. 

The Process

To make sure we secured placement, we picked out the most relevant journalist we could find and sent her an absolutely amazing pitch. It was exactly what they were looking for and came back enthused about the story. 

We wrote to deadline for the client, creating a piece of content that both reflected their brand values and was irresistibly newsworthy. After all, no one wants a boring story!

The Results

When the story went live, it was a hit. Not only did we get links on the Daily Express, but Oasis were featured in two different stories, which doubled their reach! 

  • 1Ok+ Brand Views

  • +23 Backlinks

  • £7Ok Advertising Value Equivalent

  • Boost in targeted keyword rankings

Not bad for a month’s work, right? If you want to get these kinds of results, get in touch at

It’s time to make your brand iconic.

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