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9 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Boutique PR Agency

For businesses looking for a more personal, tailored approach to PR, choosing the right Boutique PR Agency is essential. To be sure you get the best value out of your investment, it's important to avoid these nine common mistakes when selecting an agency.

Not Knowing What You Want to Achieve

Before selecting a PR agency, it’s essential to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your PR campaign. Having concrete objectives in mind when you start looking for an agency helps ensure that any services and capabilities they offer match up with the goals of your business. Take some time to consider exactly what you want out of your partnership and then look for an agency that offers the right type of services.

Hiring an Agency with Limited Resources

It’s easy to be attracted to a Boutique PR Agency that seems more cost-effective than its larger competition. However, many of these smaller agencies may lack the financial resources and manpower needed to effectively carry out a successful campaign.

At Modern Classic, we have the capacity to design, write, and outreach to our large range of media contacts all in-house. This means campaigns can always reach their full potential and can be repurposed with ease.

Research each agency thoroughly before making your decision, and don’t be afraid to ask questions about their resources.

Taking Price Over Quality

It can be tempting to choose a boutique agency because it’s less expensive than the larger ones — but don't fall into this trap! Good boutique agencies cost more because they deliver more, and you should always make quality your first consideration. Talk to each agency about what kind of results you can expect for your budget and compare them with other agencies.

Choosing a PR Agency That Isn't Transparent in their Strategy

Make sure to ask for an overview of the PR agency’s campaign strategy as part of your decision-making process. A boutique agency should have a clear idea of how they will work with you and what results you can expect. Ask questions such as “What kind of exposure do you think we can get?”, “How will you track progress?”, and “What tactics will you use?” Arms-length relationships don't allow for much communication, so make sure the boutiques PR Agency is willing to work with you directly and provide feedback throughout your project.

Neglecting the Connections of the Agency's Employees and Partnerships

Be aware of the partnerships and connections of your boutique PR agency. Are they connected with the right people to help get press around your brand, including media contacts and influencers? Who do they know who would be a great endorsement for your business? Having this understanding is essential to ensure you get the best out of their services and that they can maximise their potential in building relationships across different industries.


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