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How to Get Media Coverage For Your Business

Want to get your business noticed and make sure its message is heard? One of the most effective methods for broadening your reach is media coverage. Follow this comprehensive guide to learn how to leverage the media for successful brand awareness and promotion.

Identify Your Target Media

Identifying your target media isn’t just about knowing which outlets will give you national recognition. It also requires a deep dive into understanding the interests, needs and values of those in the right places. Take a look at the media landscape, including print, magazines, online blogs and even social networking sites to determine which outlets best fit your desired audience. You should also take note of which outlets cover content on topics related to yours; this will help you create stories that are tailored to their readership or followers.

Craft a Compelling Story Pitch

Once you’ve identified your target media, the next step is to start crafting stories that will grab their attention. Start by developing a unique angle which can range from highlighting groundbreaking research to interviewing industry experts. Be creative and use storytelling techniques, such as beginning with a compelling anecdote or featuring case studies of successful customers or partners. Once you’ve identified the story and its key elements, it’s time to write an effective pitch that conveys the essence of your story in just a few sentences.

Build Relationships With Journalists and Editors

Before you try to get media coverage for your business, it’s important to build relationships with journalists and editors. Start by researching the different publications and high profile writers that cover your topic. You should also create a list of important influencers on social media, as well as any public relations professionals who specialise in your field. Reach out to these people, introduce yourself and follow their work over time. This can help you create an understanding between both sides before you actually pitch them a story.

Leverage Influencers for Promotion and Publicity

Working with influencers in your niche can also help you speed up the process of getting media coverage for your business. Influencers have highly engaged audiences and dedicated followers. When they share an article featuring your business or product, it can reach a larger audience. Once you identify the key influencers in your industry, you should make sure to follow them on social media and start building relationships with them. Asking an influencer to review products, provide a testimonial or even do an interview is a great way to get additional publicity for your business.

Use the Right Tools to Reach the Press Efficiently

Reaching the press can be a daunting task and require a considerable amount of time. To maximise your efficiency, use the right tools. Whether it’s to find contact information or monitor news around your industry, there are plenty of tools out there that can help you speed up the process. Outreach platforms like GMass and Buzzstream also allow you to create an automated outreach system that helps you get in touch with journalists quickly and easily.

Enlist a media agency

Media agencies, such as Modern Classic Digital, are professionals in regularly securing coverage while doing so with consideration and accuracy. By enlisting the help of a Digital PR agency, you can get much more access to press with none of the hassle. They will take care of everything and provide you monthly reports that make you look awesome.

Sound good? Why not get in touch so we can help you find a voice in the media and climb Google.


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