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Prince Harry: Why Not All Press Is Good Press

Prince Harry's recent setbacks are a prime example of how not all publicity is good publicity. Like any public figure, the Duke of Sussex has received both positive and negative media attention throughout his career. However, recent reports have shown that Prince Harry's bad press can have a lasting impact on his career and reputation.

Consider impact before publishing

To avoid tarnishing your loved ones' reputation, it is important to consider the possible repercussions before making anything public. Prince Harry's latest book, 'Spare', has been met with a tidal wave of backlash and negative online attention. It would have been reckless for the Duke of Sussex to not consider impact before publishing. It is an essential step in putting out any content - no matter how big or small.

To consider impact, take a step back and evaluate the content you are about to share. Ask yourself if this information will have a positive or negative effect on the person/place/thing you are sharing it about. If the answer is negative, reconsider posting or publishing and find another way to communicate your intended message.

Ask yourself who you the conversation affects

We all need to consider who we will impact with the decisions we make. When it comes to our loved ones, this should be taken into account even more so. Try asking yourself if sharing anything publicly may have any consequences on those closest to you. Chances are, whatever affects your loved one, will affect you in some way too.

This rule can be applied across all types of content too. For example, creating a piece of content about the worst places to stay in London will force the hand of everyone included. Instead, a positive spin might be more appropriate, such as the best places to stay. Remember; positive relationships are paramount.

Focus On Generating Positive Publicity

To start fixing bad publicity, it’s important to focus on generating positive news. This doesn’t mean stifling all the negative stories, but instead actively seeking out positive stories and angles. For Prince Harry, that could be highlighting the characteristics that make him a public figure that people warm to. Showing his commitment to public service, talking about his charity work and other admirable character traits can help to transform this narrative and tap into the public’s compassion for him.

Rebuild The Trust Of Your Audience

Consequently, it's important to rebuild trust with your audience, and this isn't something new to Prince Harry. Making an effort to show that he is hearing and understanding concerns shows that he is human and is being informed by his moral compass.

This can manifest itself in many ways, but the Duke of Sussex should start actively engaging with representatives from the public and the press alike by addressing criticism and not justify it, but build on it. Transparency is essential and helps to rebuild and sustain relationships.

Address It Appropriately and as a Person

Sometimes, bad press just needs to be directly addressed. More importantly though, it needs to be done as a person, not through representatives.

Engaging in video interviews with respected news outlets and giving television interviews to have open conversations, explain himself, and answer questions. The power of social media can also be utilised to communicate directly with followers and show them that he is actively involved and continuing to cultivate relationships with them.

Extending invitations for conversations, sharing meaningful content related to the topics of discussion, and responding to all comments – both positive and negative.

Wait, this isn't really about Prince Harry is it?

Not at all! Bad publicity impacts businesses, brands, and people all over the world and is an inevitable of life. Sometimes people do it on purpose, and sometimes people fall into it by mistake. The essential part is knowing the impact of content in the public domain.

Apply any of the above headers to your business and you will find that actually, a lot can be learnt from Prince Harry. Fortunately, Modern Classic Digital know exactly how content performs and when to delete a draft instead of publishing it. Often good PR isn't what you do, but what you don't do.

So now you know all about how to look after your reputation, why not enlist a Digital PR agency to do it for you? Get in touch and let's make your brand iconic - in all the right ways.


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