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Digital PR: What exactly is it?

Digital PR is an effective tool for any organisation to build relationships with their audience and gain recognition through digital channels. But what is digital PR and how can it help you elevate your brand in the eyes of consumers?

Read on and find out why digital PR can be the secret to empowering your brand online.

What is digital PR?

Digital PR is the digital strategy of building relationships, sharing valuable content, and positioning thought leaders within an organisation to increase brand visibility and grow its reputation. It focuses on leveraging public relations activities online as a way to gain coverage and backlinks from various online sources including websites, news outlets and bloggers.

Digital PR also involves responding quickly to breaking news and trends (known as 'reactive PR') in order to position people, brands, and events at the forefront of online conversations.

Why is digital PR beneficial?

Digital PR offers both short and long-term benefits to brands. In the short term, digital PR helps to improve brand visibility, create awareness of your product or service, reach new audiences and establish relationships with other media outlets. In the long term, digital PR can help to build trust and confidence in your brand as well as generate leads, boost sales, and increase website traffic and engagement through SEO tactics and know-how.

Is influencer marketing digital PR?

Yes, influencer marketing can be used as part of a digital PR strategy! Working with influencers to create high-quality content can help your brand to stand out from the crowd and reach new and targeted audiences. When selecting an influencer, it’s important to look for someone who fits your brand’s style, values, and target audience.

Additionally, you should ensure that the content they produce meets ethical standards and is of the highest quality.

Digital PR vs traditional PR

Traditional PR typically relies heavily on collaborations with the press, such as print and physical media stunts. Digital PR, on the other hand, takes a broader approach that focuses purely on digital channels and techniques such as influencer marketing, content creation, and social media management to reach out to potential customers or clients.

Digital PR often focuses on relationship building rather than simply trying to get your message out.

Who is digital PR best for?

Digital PR is ideal for people, businesses and events looking to grow their online presence and reach new customers. By utilising and focussing on digital channels, digital PR has more power and influence than ever. At Modern Classic, we incorporate all media platforms (editorial/social media/blogging) into our strategies to ensure every online element is considered and maximised.

If you're thinking of activating digital PR, get in touch or discover our Digital PR services.


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